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Hot Meals

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Crispy Bacon.

Hash Browns


Pan-fried seasoned shredded potatoes

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap


Grilled chicken breast, Parmesan, tomato, lettuce and creamy Caesar dressing in a tortilla wrap

Classic Italian Sub


Ham, salami, pepperoni and provolone on long roll with tomato, onion and vinaigrette


Angus Cheeseburger


A delicious Angus burger topped with cheese on a fresh bun with lettuce, tomato and red onion on side

Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings


Hot and Spicy boneless chicken wings served with a side of ranch and celery sticks

Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich


Sauteed chicken and onion topped with American cheese on a long roll

Philly Cheesesteak


Sliced beef topped with caramelized onions and cheese on a fresh roll


Buffalo Chicken Pizza


16" pizza with grilled chicken, Buffalo wing sauce, mozzarella and blue cheese

Cheese Pizza


16" classic cheese pizza

Pepperoni Pizza


16" classic cheese pizza topped with pepperoni slices

Chicken Caesar Salad


Grilled chicken on romaine tossed with Parmesan, seasoned croutons and creamy Caesar dressing

Viewing 1 to 12 of 17 products
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